Everything You Need To Know About Birds In Your Chimney 

How do they get in the chimney?

It happens a lot when your chimney crown or chase cover is broken, making it easier for the birds to come inside your chimney. It is extremely dangerous to do a DIY fix-up when they are broken, so it’s best to call the professionals. 

Signs that there are birds in your chimney

You can tell by their sound, like scratching, rustling, and flapping. They often make this noise when they are struggling or scared. Also, the birds can come inside the house if the flue is open. However, chimney swifts won’t be afraid of being inside the chimney, so make sure you pay attention to the chirping! 

How long do birds stay in the chimney?

It’s hard to tell, but if they are chimney swifts, the moms will sit on eggs for 20 days and live 30 to 45 days after they are hatched until they know how to fly. 

How to remove birds from your chimney?

When birds come into your chimney, and you notice it, first close the fireplace door and then open the flue and trap the bird in your fireplace. After doing this, you need to call animal control right away! Animal control can’t do much if it’s the chimney swifts because they are protected. You would just need to wait about three months until they leave, so the best thing is always to ensure your chimney is not damaged and up to date, so they don’t come inside! 

Why is it dangerous to have birds in the chimney?

The birds will die from the smoke and heat, and the smoke will return to the house from their remaining bodies. To ensure your chimney is cleaned, you must have the inspection scheduled each year before you use it!  Contact us today!

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