Things You Should and Shouldn’t Put on Your Fireplace

With the holidays here, you’re probably wanting to decorate your fireplace for the occasion. Or maybe you just like decorating your mantel all the time to fit your home and personal aesthetic. Either way here are a few tips when it comes to decorating your fireplace that will help ensure your safety and safety of your home.


  • Personal Style – make sure your decorations match your own personality. Fit the decorations of your mantel to your home and self.
  • Mirrors – putting a mirror above your fireplace reflects more light into your room.
  • Keep it simple – to make your fireplace look decorated you don’t have to cram anything possible into the space.
  • Add plants – depending on the size of your mantel space, plants or leaves or holiday related greenery are great additions to your space.
  • Fire resistant decorations – if you’re decorating your fireplace, make sure to be extra careful and choose things less likely to catch fire.
  • Fire safety gate – these can add the decor of the room while also adding extra safety to your home. This is especially important if you have kids or pets.
  • Water your tree – if you keep your christmas tree near the fireplace, it can become a hazard when it starts drying out. Make sure your tree is safely away from the fireplace and watered.


  • Hang stockings – this is a complicated shouldn’t. You shouldn’t hang stockings directly over where you light the fireplace if you’re planning on having it running at any point in time. You should hang stockings if you’re not planning on having a fire.
  • Flammable items – if you have a functional fireplace, it’s always best practice to keep flammable items as far away from the fire as possible.
  • String lights – again, this isn’t a definite shouldn’t but it is something you should be careful about before hanging lights. Make sure there’s not a wiring issue and keep the lights as far from the fire as possible.


Reach out to us if you are looking for a new fireplace or need any maintenance done on your current fireplace.  


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