Choose the Right Fireplace for your Needs

Not only does a fireplace make a great focal point for your living room, but it can also be a good alternate heating source during the winter. There are several options for fireplaces in terms of the fuel they use, and choosing the one that is best suited for your needs can feel overwhelming. Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney has been providing residents of Hamilton, Virginia, and the surrounding areas with all of their fireplace needs, including installation, for more than 20 years. We work with a wide variety of major fireplace brands and are happy to help you choose the right option for you and your family.  Contact us today with any questions!

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Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are popular because they are more energy-efficient than other models. Because they don’t burn wood, they don’t produce soot, so there is no need to clean them. These two benefits make gas fireplaces the best choice for people who want easy, convenient sources of heat.

An additional benefit of gas fireplaces is that they come in many designs. You can find a gas fireplace to match any aesthetic. At Rusty’s, we install and maintain gas fireplaces from brands you love and trust, including:

Whether you want to install a gas fireplace in your home for the first time or want to replace an existing one, we can help with quick and efficient gas fireplace installation. If you’re getting a gas fireplace for the first time, the process will be a little more extensive because we must create a hole in the exterior wall of your house for a stovepipe thimble. We then attach the stovepipe to the exhaust port and position the fireplace before laying granite slabs around the opening with high-quality construction adhesive. After placing the termination hood to seal off the exhaust pipe, we make the necessary electrical connections and test to ensure the fireplace works.


Wood Fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces are great features that often raise the value of your house because many people love to sit by a warm, crackling fire during cold winters. Other types of fireplaces don’t give off the same glow, so there’s something special about investing in a wood-burning fireplace. It can heat your home just as efficiently as a gas fireplace but has an enhanced aesthetic effect.

Wood fireplaces often feature a brick element that gives them a traditional feel that matches any decor scheme. Rusty’s works with wood fireplaces from brands such as Jotul, RSF, Hearthstone, Napoleon and Valor.

Wood burning fireplace installation varies slightly depending on whether you want an insert or a complete fireplace. Changing the insert is a smoother, less time-consuming process. For full fireplaces, technicians position the structure in the appropriate place and use construction adhesive to secure it. We then make all the necessary connections and test the fireplace to make sure it works appropriately.

If you decide to install a wood-burning fireplace in your home for the first time, remember that you must have a chimney to funnel the smoke out of your home. Installing a chimney is part of wood fireplace installation, but it extends the amount of time it takes to complete the project.


Pellet Fireplaces

Pellet fireplaces are a good option for people who want an economical alternative heat source. While they look similar to wood-burning fireplaces, they burn more like gas fireplaces, making pellet fireplaces a perfect combination of the other two styles. The way pellet fireplaces burn makes them ideal for homes with open layouts.

Because pellet fireplaces have elements of both gas and wood ones, technicians who perform pellet burning fireplace installation must have a thorough knowledge of various fireplace models. At Rusty’s, we work with pellet fireplaces from brands such as Napoleon, Hearthstone and Enviro.

When we install a pellet fireplace, we first make a hole in your home’s exterior and install a vent pipe. Depending upon the location of your fireplace, the vent can either attach to your ceiling or an exterior wall. We then install the stovepipe thimble and put insulation around the fixture to keep it in place. Once we ensure all of the connections are secure, we’ll test the fireplace to make sure it functions properly.


Make an Appointment for Fireplace Installation Today

If you live in or near Hamilton, Virginia, and need to get a new fireplace for any reason, Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney is ready to help. Our staff members are knowledgeable and experienced with many fireplace brands, so we can help you choose the option that best meets the needs of you and your family. We’ll discuss each type of fireplace with you and explain the benefits and disadvantages of each one. Once you decide on an option, we’ll provide professional installation and make sure you are happy with the final project. Contact us today to get started!

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