Inspections & Cleaning

Annual Chimney Inspection

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a non-profit institution dedicated to public and chimney professional education, nearly any kind of chimney and fireplace fire can be prevented. Both CSIA and the National Fire Protection Association recommend yearly chimney inspections to help prevent these hazards.

An annual chimney inspection by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep is a small investment that can reduce the danger of chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps have earned the industry’s most respected credential by passing an intensive examination based on fire codes, clearances and standards for the construction and maintenance of chimneys and venting systems.

At Rusty’s, our CSIA Certified Sweeps specialize in fireplace inspections and, when needed, cleaning We begin with an inspection from the top of the fireplace where we inspect the chimney cap, chimney crown, flashing, and brickwork. Our technicians will also inspect the inside of the chimney and fireplace. This includes the smoke chamber, damper, firebox, lintel, hearth, and the ash dump door.

Based on our findings during this inspection, our crew will determine if a cleaning is needed. If so, at an additional cost, they will then use a stiff wire brush and strong vacuum system that cleans very thoroughly leaving no mess for you the homeowner.

After the inspection and/or cleaning process, our findings are then presented to you in a written Evaluation Report before we leave your home.  Give us a call or contact us today to schedule your inspection!

Pellet Stove Service

Sweep and inspect chimney and vent pipe; perform annual maintenance on your stove; clean stove inside & out; remove firebox panels to access and remove fly ash buildup; check all electrical parts for proper operation.

Wood Stove Service

Sweep and inspect chimney and perform annual maintenance on your wood stove; clean stove inside & out; touchup paint (black); replace door gaskets as needed; check all electrical parts for proper operation; check Catalytic Combustor (if equipped). This service is only for wood stoves installed through a fireplace with a stainless steel liner.

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