At Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney, we only partner with trusted names in gas, wood and pellet stoves. Find a stylish fireplace that delivers energy efficiency, beauty and warmth.


Jotul cast-iron fireplaces give your home a rustic feel with classic style. This Norwegian brand has been producing durable, high-quality fireplaces for over 160 years. Freestanding fireplaces provide significant warmth for living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms and other family spaces.

Jotul offers a variety of traditional wood stoves and sleek gas stoves in cast iron. If you want cozy warmth for relaxing around your fireplace on freezing winter days, a Jotul wood stove is an ideal choice. If you’re interested in energy efficiency and ease of maintenance, gas stoves give you effortless beauty all year long.

Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 wood burning insert


Few brands have as large a range of stoves, fireplaces and fireplaces inserts as Hearthstone. We carry a wide variety of Hearthstone products, including gas stoves, pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves.

Besides offering different kinds of fuel sources, Hearthstone fireplaces also have many style options:

  • Soapstone
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Porcelain enamel

This versatility makes it easy to complement your home’s interior design. Whether you love classic details or modern finishes, you can find a fireplace model that fits. Every soapstone stove is handcrafted for excellence.

Valor H6 Series for Propane


For modern luxury, Valor gas fireplaces, freestanding stoves and fireplace inserts are hard to beat. Offering many size configurations, Valor fireplaces look stunning in renovated bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

Customizable options give you maximum control over the look and feel of the space. Sleek linear models are perfect for minimalist and contemporary designs. Large, square fireplaces add a touch of romance and relaxation for your family.

What are the benefits of gas inserts compared to gas fireplaces? With a gas fireplace insert, you upgrade your existing wood-burning fireplace, making it cleaner and more energy efficient. On the other hand, a new Valor fireplace is a better fit for home remodeling projects.


If you prefer bold style accents for your home, you should browse our exciting selection of Enviro stoves. With exceptional attention to detail, Enviro pieces are just as much art as a heat source. Featuring clean lines, curves, touches of color and architectural accents, these fireplaces and freestanding stoves stand out in any room.

You can select gas or pellet stoves for home interiors. Freestanding pellet stoves offer greater heat output with a smaller size, making them easy to fit in any room. For exterior constructions, we recommend outdoors-compatible Enviro gas fireplaces.

RSF Focus 3600


As a brand, RSF prides itself on being environmentally friendly above all else. Every part of its fireplace construction is designed around minimizing emissions and delivering better heat efficiency. The brand’s Environmental Protection Agency certification is a major selling point.

RSF fireplaces only come in wood-burning models, to avoid relying on fossil fuels. These wood fireplaces can deliver significant heat output on cold days, making them an excellent fit for cooler rooms. They combine a natural ambiance, simple style and dependable heating functionality.

Napoleon Oakdale EPI3-C wood insert


The Napoleon brand is to fireplaces what Rolls-Royce is to automobile manufacturers. Instantly recognizable, trendy, luxurious and expressive, Napoleon stoves push the envelope in fireplace design.

Some models even include smart home integration that lets you control your fireplace with your mobile device. That way, you can have a warm fire waiting for you after a long commute in frigid weather.

Discover Napoleon wood-burning fireplaces, gas stoves and pellet stoves that fit your personal design vision. We can help you find breathtaking styles for home remodeling, new fireplaces, inserts and freestanding stoves.


If your family already has a beautiful wood fireplace that you love, Stoll fireplace doors can provide the perfect finishing touches. Handcrafted, custom-designed glass fireplace doors combine elegance, safety and energy efficiency for your home.

Thanks to over 50 years of industry expertise, Stoll products offer amazing quality and design flair. There are practically limitless styles available, including sliding doors, vintage pieces, aged-iron doors and inset accents.

Glass fireplace doors can help keep your family safe by preventing sparks or fallen timbers. They also deliver a good seal to prevent hot or cool air from leaking out of your home, increasing energy efficiency in summer and winter.

Fireplace Experts

Do you have questions about size, fitment or heat output? We can help you find the right model for your needs. Contact our friendly team for assistance.

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