Schedule Your Chimney Maintenance Ahead of Fall

September is right around the corner. For many of our clients, fall is a bustling season, particularly when you have kids. Were you aware that numerous national fire safety associations suggest that you get your chimney professionally inspected and swept before the first fire of the year is lit? The explanation for this suggestion is to be certain that your chimney and fireplace framework is working well and securely so you won’t experience any unsafe issues throughout winter.

Rusty’s Fireplace and Chimney has been giving these expert chimney upkeep services to those in Loudoun County, and surrounding areas for a considerable length of time. We firmly recommend that you feel free to plan an arrangement for your annual chimney inspection and sweeping with us presently to steer clear of the fall rush. Here’s why, and what you can anticipate from our chimney maintenance service:

For what reason would it be advisable to make an appointment now?

After Labor Day, the schedule of the CSIA-ensured fireplace cleaners starts to rapidly get filled with arrangements to inspect and sweep chimneys. Our busiest seasons are from September through December. It may become difficult to fix an appointment on a date convenient for you. Booking early ensures your chimney will be working securely and proficiently all through this fall and winter.

What to expect from our professional chimney maintenance service

We invest wholeheartedly in ensuring your house is as perfect as it was before we show up by setting down drop cloths and tarps on the floor before your chimney. We likewise set up a fast dust accumulator that will shield your home from the sediment and other filthy debris we are clearing from your chimney using specialized tools.

We take extraordinary care to guarantee we have expelled all of the combustible compound creosote from the inner walls of the chimney to lessen the dangers of a chimney fire.

Finally, we will assess the inside and outside of your chimney to check whether there is such harm that could cause issues when you utilize your chimney. If any harm is discovered, we will give you pictures and a written explanation for the same.

Beat the rush of fall! Reach us today at 540-338-1266 to book your appointment for a professional chimney maintenance service.

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