Restaurant Favorites You Can Grill at Home

Due to the rise of COVID-19, a worldwide advisory on social distancing has understandably confined us all indoors, but as we at Rusty’s Fireplace & Chimney say, home is where the ‘hearth’ is. Our family loves to bond around the warmth of a fireplace while sharing new recipes for lip-smacking grilled dishes. Staying indoors, we give you tips on getting creative with your grill and producing restaurant favorite items in the comfort of your home.
We offer tips on grilling homemade pizzas, surf-n-turf items like grilled steak and lobster, burgers, and much more using outdoor cookware from Napoleon, Big Green Egg, and Hearthstone.

• Grilled Pizza

Whip up a delicious grilled pizza, with homemade or store-bought dough, lace it up with oodles of cheese, sauces, meats, and veggies, and throw it on your grill and within minutes, watch the dough as it crispens into a crunchy, smoky bite. It’s a good idea to keep your grill preheated, as the hotter it is, the better the pizza tuns out while cooking. A grilled pizza is easier and quicker than oven baking, as the grills tend to get much hotter, faster.

• Homemade seafood grill

The flavors of the fruits of the sea are natural, delicious, and hearty. The sweetness of seafood is made more enticing by chucking your prawns, lobsters, cuts of fish, squid, or any other surf-n-turf items you fancy over a live grill and watching them roasted to perfection and ready to eat! Bring your family around for a toast and a seafood platter to cater to everyone’s taste! Now that is something to look forward to, in these homebound times.

• Grilled meat sliders

No meal is complete without the quintessential grilled burger, with its thick, meaty beef or mutton patties and sauces to drool over. Grilling the patties just right to your taste, and letting the buns get a roasting of their own, makes for a crunchy and juicy bite. Add tomatoes, slivers of onion, and barbeque sauce, or even ketchup for the young ones and get your own homemade grilled burger.

• Steaks on a grill

If you’re a meat lover, you might wish to avoid bread and accompaniments all together and just hit home with a steak. A grilled steak will naturally hit your number, but getting that perfect steak requires knowing the type of cut and meat you are using. Grilling takes up the heat to the maximum, so be sure to preheat your grill so it is sizzling and piping hot, before you place your steak and time it perfectly. Defending on the cut and the thickness of your meat, every piece cooks differently, so be sure to watch out the amount of heat on your grill, to get that perfect steak.

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