4 Things to Do With Your Fireplace This Summer

As summer approaches and the weather turns warmer the need for a fireplace to keep you warm is probably one of the furthest things from your mind. Besides warmth, your fireplace can do so much more and can still be used during the summer months. This can be a great time to remodel or install a new system, to clean if you didn’t get a chance to do so in the spring, or even decorate around your fireplace to tie it in with your living space.

Cook Something New

Depending on the type of fireplace you’ve installed, it could be connected to a stove. If it is, that stove can still be used during the summer months. Even if your fireplace isn’t connected to a stove, the fireplace can be used to cook things. Sometimes it’s not possible to go camping or you don’t want to sit outside, you could use your fireplace to make s’mores and tin foil wrapped dinners so you can feel like you’re out camping without even leaving your house.

Before trying to cook on your indoor fireplace, make sure your fireplace is safe to use and that you look up safety guidelines with what wood to burn and what not to burn to keep you and your family safe.


If you’ve decided to not use your fireplace again until late fall or even the winter time, you might want to decorate your fireplace. Plants on your mantel can bring the feeling of summertime into your home. You could even place some potted plants or flowers in front of your fireplace gate. Placing a mirror or painting over your fireplace can also give it a revamp for the summer time.


Sometimes use of your fireplace can extend through the springtime if it stays cool enough so the cleaning of your fireplace may or may not have happened. That’s okay, summer time can be the perfect time to make sure your fireplace is cleaned and ready to be used again when it’s cold. Whether you clean it yourself or hire a professional, it’s important to keep your fireplace clean. If you need your fireplace or chimney inspected before it’s used again, summer is the perfect time to do that as well.

Remodel or Install

Summer is the perfect time to remodel or install a new fireplace system in your home. Maybe you’re looking to get a new look or just to update your current fireplace. This is a good time to start making those changes or installing a new fireplace so it can be ready to go by the time the weather starts to get cold again. Speaking with professionals about what kind of fireplace fits you and your home best is a great idea.

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