Ways to Update an Old Fireplace

It’s the era of interior designing and stylish décor! There is an endless oasis of ideas and inspiration to fall back upon when it comes to embellishing your fireplace. Besides playing with bricks and stones, you can redefine your entire fireplace with a complete treatment!

Here are a few stellar ways to spruce up the old fireplace!

Splash a Coat of Paint On!
Traditional fireplaces exude beautiful features and engravings, but they also give off a rustic vibe which sometimes might not suit the ambiance of your home. You can keep that classic texture with a modern touch of paint. Whether it is a classic German smear or a complete paint redo, you can change the atmosphere of your fireplace and living room with quality paintwork.

Decorate Your Mantle Piece
There’s one bulletproof way to let your fireplace flash more of a statement – and that’s to decorate it! Find a beautiful mirror to top the mantle, or embellish the wall above with creative art. You could try using a few big pieces or a gallery wall of mismatched frames – whatever works for your place. With this method, you don’t even have to paint your existing brickwork to brighten things up. In traditional living rooms, white, full-surround mantels update old brick fireplaces any time. If DIY projects aren’t your thing, then opt for this instead!

Style with Tiles
Add eye-catching tiles and mesmerize the look and feel of your fireplace. A tiled fireplace has so many colors, prints, and texture options to choose from. If a simple yet suave look is what you desire, stick with a monochrome finish with a clever design. Choose 20th century inspired tiles that incorporate quality designs, hand-poured glaze, and iconic molds. If you wish to explore your creative galore, you can even design your own art tile!

Choose Stone Veneers!
Is using real stone fireplace decoration the only way to create a cozy night sensation next to a blazing hearth? Think again! With innumerable styles ranging from stacked stones to river rock, today’s cast-stone veneers look a lot similar to the real thing. If a budget-friendly price tag makes it a viable option that’s difficult to pass up, then DIY projects with friendly installations will seal the deal for you!

Shape Up Your Fire Brick
After years of withstanding the hot blaze, fireplace mortar can crumble, crack, and fall out of place. Gaping mortar joints are very unattractive and leave the bricks vulnerable to more damage. So before the wood-burning winter starts, examine the overall condition of the mortar in the firebox and replace what has deteriorated.

A fireplace facelift can transcend your living space vibe from that “whatever” to “wow” feeling! Whether you’re contemplating a full-on renovation or looking for an easy weekend upgrade, get inspired by these ideas that will transform your hearth into the heart and soul of your décor! Give your fireplace a modern update and reinvigorate the warmth this winter when you gather cozy next to the hearth!

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