Fireplace Trends of 2021

With 2020 throwing us all a major curveball, the sale of fireplaces increased rapidly as people had to stay indoors for months. Many took up home improvement projects themselves to change their surrounding a little. With a new year, people are also looking at new and innovative designs that are sustainable, durable, and stylish. Some choose traditional brickwork while others prefer modern glass structures. Whether you decide to integrate a fireplace into your interior or design an existing one in the most fashionable way, here are a few fireplace trends that are making all the buzz in 2021:

Natural Textures

Since the time when fireplaces became the heart of any home, there are many ways of designing and decorating them. In 2021, in addition to traditional solutions, many modern materials are utilized to bring back an old-fashioned yet classy look. Materials such as glass, wood, metal, concrete, and plaster are very commonly used in today’s modern design. The best part is that all of them are environmentally friendly and durable.

Linear Interiors

2021 will surely see a strong growth in the number of large, linear, and contemporary gas fireplaces being installed in people’s homes. The trend mainly shows large, linear contemporary gas fireplaces placed in less modern styled living rooms. Linear fireplaces are finding themselves to be more versatile into a wider range of interior design styles and less exclusive to being a key feature of a modern home.


With technology evolving every day, fireplaces have also seen a change. Earlier, a fireplace would require heat-resistant materials such as brick, stone, or tile to surround the fire but now thanks to technology, many fireplaces allow for heat to be transferred away from the wall and into the home. This innovation allows designers and homeowners to apply any finishes such as wood and wallpaper to the very edge of the gas fireplace. This also allows the designer to make the space more multifunctional as they can mount any art or TV directly above the fireplace.

Corner Angle

Despite being placed away from the spotlight, corner fireplaces often become the centerpiece of any room. One of the advantages of corner designs is ergonomics and compactness. That’s why you can install this type of fireplace, even in a small living room.

Smart Control

Gone are those days when fireplace remotes only had an on-and-off switch. In 2021, gas fireplaces are smarter than ever. With programmable remotes and thermostats, you are able to maintain a consistent temperature or set your fireplace to turn on or off during specific times. This makes it much easier as you don’t have to put in any manual effort.

As this is just the beginning of the year, we are sure there are going to be tons of new fireplace trends that we’ll get to experience. However, the current trends are indicating that fireplaces promise to be a true symbol of comfort. Elements such as stone, glass, metal, electric, gas, open and corner fireplaces can help bring your vision to life and create a truly unique and warm atmosphere.

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