Spring Mantel Décor

Do you have a mantel in your living room that you want to decorate? Then there is no better time than spring! Let’s get straight to some cheery spring mantel décor trends and make holiday events around the corner more fun!

Seasonal Mantel Décor Ideas

Pastel & Subtle
Are you looking for something simple and fresh for the shelf above your fireplace? Then you can definitely go with flowers in soft pinks and whites! Start by getting your hands on some simple glass vases and then some faux flowers like allium or the real ones like roses and hydrangeas. If you wish, you may also add some greenery to the room. Place a plant on the coffee table to blend in the entire living room with a gorgeous feel.

Warm & Antique
Create a focal point above your mantel. You may choose a piece of art or simply a mirror. In case you have dark woodwork in your living room, you can go with pinecones to place on the mantel. Honestly, they do add some shape and texture to the area! Next, you can find some hand blown glasses from a home décor store and add eucalyptus to them. Finish up the space by adding a hearth rug and brass candlesticks with real candles or even faux candles with a lovely flicker.

Green & Growing
We bet you would never have thought that the perfect spot for propagating pothos could be above your fireplace mantel! Bring some spring inside with surprisingly sturdy pothos and let this beautiful indoor plant steal the show as it grows. Not only will they get indirect sunlight above your mantel, but will stay out of the way of pets and kids. Next, choose your favorite plant holder to display your pothos, and don’t forget to make it vibrant and happy! Last but not least, you may also add lightweight spring blankets to serve as hearth décor.

Silver & Metal
Want to style and add seasonal touches of color and pattern to your fireplace mantel? Then there is nothing that layers and adds interest to your room’s feeling like mixing and matching metallic finishes and material. Especially if you have a white, gray, or blue fireplace mantel! Try mixing some ceramic pineapples, crystal and mercury glass candlesticks with white ceramic pillar candle holders. And to keep your living room bright and light-filled, how about adding a bunch of white tulips to an impressive metal or steel mug? To top it off, place a couple of faux peonies in neutral blush pink color, and you’re good to start admiring your piece of art!

Contact Rusty’s Fireplace for fireplace cleaning before you start with the spring mantel décor. And do check out our beautiful hearth rugs for completing your spring décor. Stay signed in for more fun fireplace décor ideas and fireplace safety tips!

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