Places You Never Thought Of Putting A Fireplace But Should

People envision a fireplace as a place which provides warmth for the household. A place of conversation, a place where everyone gathers around. It is generally an area in the center of the living room. Thanks to today’s electric and gas fireplace options have allowed the designers to incorporate fireplaces in new areas of our houses.

Here are six unique places where you never thought of putting a fireplace, but you should:

For some people, the garage is just a place to store cars and lawn equipment. However, for some people, the garage is a workshop or a man cave. A sacred place for venting out emotions. A properly placed fireplace in any garage can make it warm. A thermostat controlled fireplace is suitable to be placed in a garage.

Outdoor Spaces
Backyards witness some of our life’s greatest moments, surrounded by our family and friends. An outdoor fireplace adds ambiance, and a backyard can easily be transformed into a living space.
This will provide the same comfort outside and will help to make more memories in our backyard. Only a few people own outside fireplaces, many have just got acquainted with the idea and are acting on it.

Master Bathroom
A well-designed master bathroom with a glow from a well-placed fireplace adds that wow factor. Many homeowners do not consider the master bathroom to be an ideal place for a fireplace. In areas which have cold water coming out of the shower and the bath, a fireplace can be incorporated to provide warmth.
Only a few people have fireplaces in their master bedroom, but when exposed to the idea of it, they find it essential. An electric fireplace is easy to operate and can be installed with little construction.

Exercise Room
The idea is unique, and many people can never even think of it. A well-placed electric fireplace in the exercise room can help to add style and class to your exercise room. The fireplace is installed without the output of heat so that you feel excess heat while exercising.
If the idea is to add class to your home, then this is a step towards it.

Everyone deserves a warm welcome to your home. Fireplaces are available in all shapes and sizes, so the smallest of entries can be brightened by putting a small fireplace. People entering your home will feel the warmth, and this will help them feel good.

Nowadays, the kitchen is a place to gather around and make conversation. Gone are the days when the residents of the house only visited the kitchen and only to prepare food. The kitchen has now become more of a social place where people make food together, converse and then serve food. Having a fireplace installed in the kitchen gives it a warm and welcoming feel.

A fireplace in the living room is beautiful but is very common. People nowadays are opting to look for creative and unique spaces to install a fireplace so that their house stands out from the others. The places mentioned above are a few, where you can install a fireplace to give your home that unique touch.

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