Spend Your Summer Nights Grilling With The Big Green Egg!

With warm weather upon us, it’s certainly a great time to enjoy a delightful barbeque session in the outdoors. Of course, you will need a perfect grill for it. Make sure to consider what kind of grilling you want to do, and the accessories required for it before you make your purchase.

If despite all the research, you are still struggling to find the right grill for your backyard, a Big Green Egg is perhaps your best choice. The rustic-looking, egg-like grill comes with modern gas and many other features, providing you with countless other ways to cook, smoke, and grill your food.

At Rusty’s Fireplace & Chimney, we are a trusted provider of the Big Green Egg, There are various reasons why our experts recommend this popular kamado-style grill and smoker to customers, and we are going to discuss them thoroughly in this blog.

What Is A Big Green Egg?

Big Green Egg is basically a ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill that offers superior insulation to maintain consistency in the food temperatures (a superb feature as compared to traditional grills). And what’s the best thing about it? Baking, cooking, or smoking meat, you can do it all!

The grill functions on a simple design – a sliding metal door that regulates the amount of air entering the appliance and a daisy wheel vent on the top to regulate the amount of air that goes out. Not only that, there are additional stoneware components that help you control how you cook your food. For example, by using a plate setter, you can turn the grill into a brick oven that is perfect for cinnamon buns and pizzas. Alternatively, you can flip it and add a wire rack to create an efficient convection oven.

Why Should You Buy A Big Green Egg?

1) Easy To Start
With Big Green Egg, you will be ready to cook your food within minutes! No matter what kind of charcoal you use, the unique design of Big Green Egg allows easy airflow within the grill and helps in lighting the fire quickly. You can also purchase a natural charcoal starter or an electric starter to make the process faster.

2) Precise Temperature Control
Another compelling feature of Big Green Egg is that you can easily adjust the grill’s airflow system to cook the food at a certain temperature. Yes! You have complete control over the temperature and can maintain accuracy in the recipe and taste of food.

3) Versatile Cooking Options
When you choose a Big Green Egg for cooking, you are buying more than a grill or a smoker. With Big Green Egg you can literally cook anything, from slowly-cooked pork to spicy grilled shrimps. When it’s time for dessert, you can opt for baking cookies or pies.

4) Safer To Use
Since ceramic surfaces don’t get as hot as a metal grill, Big Green Egg is comparatively a safer option to use for grilling food. In addition to that, it has in-built insulation which ensures that heat remains within the grill at all times, helping food cooked evenly and at a consistent temperature.

5) Convenient To Clean
Apart from top-grade stainless steel cooking grid, Big Green Egg comes with a shiny green exterior that adds a touch of color to your kitchen. The grill can be easily wiped clean without any chemical cleaners. Like a self-cleaning oven, its residual heat burns away any grease that may have accumulated inside the grill.

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