Tips For Starting Fire In Your Fireplace During Winter

As it gets cold outside, a fireplace becomes the most inviting area of the home where you can snuggle up and feel comfortable on icy-cold, winter nights. No heating appliance can equal the kind of pleasant warmth that you get through a well-lit fireplace.

Whether you have a pellet stove, a wood-burning stove, a fireplace insert, or a traditional open hearth, a fireplace is a wonderful area to gather around. You can play games with your friends and family, enjoy a book by your favorite writer in solitude, or simply relish a good wine with your beloved while slouched together in a recliner.

And what is more relaxing than to unwind in front of a glowing hearth after a long, hectic day?

However, if you are not sure whether you can kindle a fire in the fireplace correctly, here are some important tips that can help you start a crackling and lasting blaze safely and easily!

A clean chimney is a must!

Tree foliage, mud, twigs, and leaves from bird’s nest or trees, as well as trash and debris from crumbling bricks, clog the chimney of your fireplace. Lighting a fire in a clogged chimney can cause your entire home to be coved with smoke. Hence, remember to sweep your chimney. You can also call a chimney sweep for the job. However, you do not necessarily have to remove the ash bed from your previous fire.

Remember to open the fireplace damper

As you look inside the fireplace, you can find the damper in the form of a small metal flap. It regulates the amount of smoke and air ventilation going upward through the flue system. Every time you kindle a fire, you must open the damper so that the smoke, gases, and other byproducts of combustion do not fill up into your home. Opening the damper will let them exit out of the chimney easily.

Lay an ash bed first

Lay an ash bed of about 1-2 inches within the fireplace or underneath the grate for insulation. This allows you to keep a long-lasting fire. If it is your first time lighting a fire, you can utilize the ashes from your charcoal grill. Be careful as to never build the ash bed above 2 inches as this will restrict the air supply through the fire.

Pre-heat the flue

As you open the damper, cold breeze in the chimney enters into the fireplace. This makes it difficult to set the wood logs aflame. To prevent this, consider warming up the flue first. The method is quite easy. Roll up a few newspapers together, light up the other end, and place it upright in the chimney, just above the damper. This would only take a few minutes to heat up the chimney, ready to light up the fire.

Stack up the logs for an upside-down fire

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends the up-down structure of placing the wood logs to build a fire. This structure is also suitable for wood stoves, fireplaces, and masonry heaters. Begin by stacking the bigger logs at the bottom, and then place the smaller ones on the top. Such a structure releases less smoke, and the fire burns cleanly from the top. Also, you wouldn’t have to set the fire time and again!

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