Wood Fireplace Installation Company in Leesburg, VA

There is nothing quite as pleasant as curling up by a warm fire when it’s cold outside. If you’re looking for a reputable wood fireplace installation company near Leesburg, VA, look no further than Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney. Installing a wood-burning fireplace in your home can reduce your energy bills and improve the ambiance of your home. Keep your home warm this winter with a wood fireplace installation from our team.

Wood-burning fireplaces provide a smoldering glow and crackle unmatched by any other style of fireplaces. A well-installed fireplace adds to the visual appeal of your home’s interior. They complement the space they are placed, especially in living rooms where families typically gather and spend a lot of time. If you have your own stock of wood or have access to some cords, you can always be prepared to kindle a fire and keep it stoked when the temperature drops outside or there’s a power outage.

Install a Wood Burning Fireplace in Your Home

A traditional wood fireplace installation from Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney is something you will enjoy day after day and year after year. Fireplaces typically increase the value of your home because so many homeowners consider them an amenity. You can experience the benefits of this popular feature with our wood fireplace installation services and receive an estimate for the work.

The team with Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We have been providing top-of-the-line chimney and fireplace services throughout Leesburg, VA, for over 20 years. We ensure that your wood fireplace installation is handled correctly, so that there are no safety hazards to be concerned about. Our service technicians take the utmost care during the installation process to ensure every safety measure and precaution is taken. An additional benefit to working with our team is we also provide the regular chimney maintenance and upkeep required to clean soot and creosote buildup that is a by-product of wood-burning fires. The aroma and ambiance of a wood fire are part of the draw of spending time in front of a warm fireplace.

If you choose to use your fireplace as a primary source for heating your home, you may notice lower energy bills. Firewood is less expensive than hours of natural gas consumption, so it makes wood fireplaces more economical. Wood fireplace installations are also environmentally conscious because the wood used for this purpose comes from tree farms that continuously plant new trees after other ones have been chopped down.

Contact Us for a Wood Fireplace Installation

Investing in a cozy wood fireplace installation is an excellent way to keep you and your family warm this winter season and for many more to come. Contemporary fireplaces are designed to suit any style and placement in your home that you have in mind. Fires have a distinctive smell and crackle that people love. And our wood fireplaces come in an array of styles that fit the interior design of your home. Our contractors will install a unit that is both visually appealing and practical.

Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney values our customers in Leesburg, VA, so we always make sure that we can meet your needs and preferences on every project we undertake for you. We aim to complete every job with excellent workmanship and long-lasting results that exceed your expectations. Call us at 540-338-1266 to learn more about pricing and schedule a wood fireplace installation.

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