Wood Fireplace Installation

Keep your home warm this winter with a wood fireplace installation from Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney. Burning wood offers a smoldering glow and crackle that you don’t get with other types of fireplaces. It creates a beautiful visual appeal and complements the space well, especially in living rooms where families typically gather and spend a lot of time. If you stock up on wood cords, you can always be prepared to light up a fire when it’s cold or there’s a power outage. It’s something you will enjoy year after year and will usually increase your property value because it’s such a sought-after feature for home buyers. Learn more about our wood fireplace installation services and receive an estimate.

Install a Residential Wood Fireplace

The incandescent light and pleasant aroma of a wood burning fireplace makes it a popular choice among many homeowners. Our team is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and we have experience providing top-of-the-line installations. We ensure that your fireplace is set up correctly so that there are no safety hazards you have to be concerned about. There must be sufficient clearance when completing an installation, so it’s not too close to surfaces and furniture. We can also provide the regular maintenance it requires to clean soot and creosote buildup that forms with use.

Buying firewood costs less than being charged for hours of natural gas consumption, so it makes wood fireplaces more economical. Since you won’t be using gas or electricity, you may even notice lower utility bills. Wood fireplace installations are also environmentally conscious because the wood used for this purpose comes from tree farms that continuously plant new trees after other ones have been chopped down.

Choose Rusty’s for Your Wood Fireplace

Rusty’s Fire Place & Chimney is a well-established company that has provided excellent services to local homeowners for over 25 years. Invest in a cozy wood fireplace installation that will keep you and your family warm throughout this winter and for many more to come. With the genuine smell and crackle of burning wood, your living room can have a quaint yet modern style that goes with the rest of your interior design. Contemporary fireplaces are meant to tie in well with your TV that sit above the mantle or the crown molding and baseboards. Our contractors have a good eye for design and will set you up with something that is both visually appealing and practical.

We’re sure you’ll be delighted by the way your fireplace will radiate heat and give your home a beautiful focal point. When you need maintenance for your fireplace, you can count on us to provide the proper cleaning, repairs or restoration services. Speak with us about the different styles available on the market, request an estimate and allow us to take care of the installation process.

Schedule an Installation Today

Wood fireplaces are the quintessential winter staple any homeowner would want to have. You’ll get to enjoy the holiday season that much more when you can gather around a fireplace in your living room. We’ll set everything up according to code and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that you’re safe and won’t have to deal with any issues. Our customers are our top priority, so we always make sure that we can meet your needs and preferences on every project we take on. We aim to complete work with excellent workmanship and long-lasting results that you’ll be more than pleased with. Call us at 540-338-1266 to learn more about pricing and schedule a wood fireplace installation.

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