Preparing Your Fireplace for Spring

As the weather warms, you’re probably not using your fireplace as much as you were during the winter. Spring is the perfect time to close down your fireplace until the weather starts to cool again. So if you’re going to prepare your fireplace for spring, here are some things that should be on your checklist.

Remove Unused Firewood

If your fireplace is wood burning then you’ve definitely used firewood to fuel your fires. If there are still logs in your fireplace that haven’t been used, keeping the unused wood is a great idea. Saving this wood until you use your fireplace again later in the year is a great way to conserve resources.


After using your fireplace all winter, it’s probably time to clean it up. If there’s ash and soot everywhere in your fireplace, it’s important to clean it all out as best as you can. Remove the ash from the interior of your fireplace and around the outside of it as well. To ensure that everything is cleaned completely, you can always hire a professional service to clean your fireplace.

Chimney Sweep

The chimney is an essential part of ensuring your fireplace is functioning properly. Early spring is the perfect time to have your chimney sweep come and clear out the residual ash. This will ensure that the fireplace is ready to go when you want to use it again.


Inspect your fireplace before you decide to let it be until the winter. Look for any possible damage, debris, or remaining mess that needs to be taken care of. If you’re not sure what to inspect for, it’s always a good idea to call a professional.

Professional Inspection

Even if you feel confident after your own inspection of your fireplace, it’s never a bad idea to have a professional come take a look. This can help prevent future, more expensive damage if you’re able to catch the problem early.

Close the Damper

The damper is what keeps the elements from reaching your fireplace. This will also keep creatures from entering your home through the fireplace. So don’t forget to close the damper when spring comes.

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