Ideas For Fireplace Decor

While it might not be the time of year to burn a fire in your fireplace, you can still utilize it to decorate and elevate your living space! Read along for some ideas for fireplace decor.


Place candles by the fireplace to give your home a cozy appearance even in the summer months. Find a beautiful candle holder, or just lay out some different sized candles, and it will be a sure way to magnify the beauty of your home!


Get some potted plants, greenery, and succulents and place them in front of your fireplace or on the mantel! Whether they’re fake or real, plants are sure to liven up the area and bring some fun summer colors to your home.


Buy a box of string lights and decorate around the fireplace or even the wood inside! This is a cheap option that will bring extra light in, create cozy lighting, and is perfect for summer nights spent indoors.

Art and photos:

Try filling up your mantel with pictures of family, friends, and loved ones! Utilizing this space with photos will make the room welcoming and homey. Along with personal photos, you can also display any art pieces you might have. Big canvases are great to prop in front of the fireplace, and smaller pieces will fit perfectly along the mantel.

Fireplace screen:

There are hundreds of beautiful decorative fireplace screens for any size and style of fireplace. Fireplace screens are great if you want to put minimal effort into decor but still want everything to look tidy!

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