Spring Cleaning For Your Fireplace

It’s that time of the year; spring is here! That means it’s time to tend to your fireplace! One necessary thing you need to do for your home: actively inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney. Fireplaces accumulate soot, creosote, and ash from all the winter months of wood burning.

Here Are A Few Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Fireplace

Remove Ash & Residue
Before you start cleaning your fireplace, make sure the ash inside has cooled for at least a day. Safely remove debris and ash from the fireplace onto a newspaper or drop cloth. The newspaper or drop cloth will prevent the residue from damaging your carpet or flooring. You can then vacuum any remaining dust particles on the firebox floor.

Clean the Fireplace Insides
Once you clear all the debris, ash, and dry dust particles from your fireplace, it’s time to thoroughly clean the insides with a cleaning agent or chemical solution. We recommend you mix your cleaning solution with tepid water and vinegar, place it in a spray bottle, and then use it by thoroughly spraying the fireplace’s insides and letting it rest on the walls for a few minutes. You can then begin to start scrubbing the fireplace with a rough bristle brush.
Key Tip: Stubborn creosote stains can be challenging to clean. We recommend adding a tablespoon of ammonia to the cleaning solution to enhance its potency, allowing it to eliminate the accumulated fiery stains effectively.

Clean the Fireplace Glass Doors
Spray the glass door with a light cleaning solution and wipe it down with a soft cloth. Be aware that ammonia-based glass cleaners are not recommended; they can potentially damage the glass surface. Abrasive cleaners also have the potential to compromise the durability of the glass.

Focus On the Chimney
A significant part of your fireplace is the chimney. The first step is to check if your chimney is leaking. Signs of a leak can be detected and corrected before further damage arises. Some signs of chimney leak may be white patches, foliage in the mortar cracks, brick and mortar deterioration, discoloration of brick, and water in the firebox. Spring is a convenient time to have your chimney inspected and taken care of before any costly repair is required.

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