2020 Fireplace Trends

There’s nothing more comforting than snuggling up with a warm blanket right by a toasty fire on a frosty evening. From sleek marble designs to classic brick finishes, these trendy fireplace styles are full of inspiration and contemporary mystique. If you are looking to bring out the beauty of your home or just need inspiration to modify your fireplace, our roundup of gorgeous fireplace designs is just what your home demands!

Take a look at the top fireplace trends of 2020

Sleek Black

A black marble fireplace exterior design is dark, mysterious, yet so beautiful and majestic. It adds that sleek and modern blend of craft and iconic sophistication. Black fireplaces were never too trendy, but the start of the decade has paved the way for black to take over. Give your fireplace that new sleek black makeover today!

All White

Showcase your style with an all-white fireplace that’s perfect for each season. Choose stunning white, which not only highlights cleanliness but also outlines living room furniture and home décor. The white design is both appealing and creatively adaptable to suit the décor standards of most homes.

Brick Finish

Brick allocated in a stair-stepped fashion rises from the mantel to the chimney, giving your fireplace structural strength in the simplest of rooms. A brick finish was always trendy, and it still has that rustic and majestic likability even today!

Classic Modern

Classic modern styles have the authenticity that reflects today’s lifestyle.
Classic modern fireplaces utilize a clean, sophisticated design instead of extensive creativity. Modern materials often have glass and steel, but they also can make use of marble, wood, and other basic materials.

Hand Crafted

Another popular trend in fireplace design is using hands-on techniques. Each hand-crafted fireplace is unique because it is built piece by piece. One popular hand-crafted option is the added touch of customized screens and iron doors. This empowers you to select something truly unique.

Stacked Rock

The material used for stacked rock fireplaces are endless. The stunning designs consist of marble, limestone, and more. By piling together rocks, a vibrant variety of color choices is made available. This compliments décor combinations when it comes to interior design. The best part about a stack rock room is that it makes the area look less compact and cozier!

Contemporary Classic

Fireplaces with classic designs and decorative finishes can look overdone in certain homes. But a contemporary classic look is now very popular in newer built homes. It exudes finesse and adds rustic resilience to the existing structure.

Whether you choose to dive into a new trend or a classic fireplace, you can’t go wrong as long as you understand the color contrast and your home’s vibe. Grab a new design for your fireplace this year to enhance its artistic appeal!

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