Children & Fireplace Safety

When the temperature takes a nosedive, a fireplace is the source of heat in many houses. A fireplace could be electric, gas, or wood-burning. They have the same basic function of providing warmth. However, another thing they have in common is posing a major threat to the safety of children.

The danger of getting burnt from a fireplace is a serious concern that occurs every now and then. The carelessness of children, lack of proper instructions from parents, and ignorance of safety measures lead to fire burn incidents.

In this blog, we tell you a few safety tips for keeping your children safe from getting burnt:

Make Sure The Damper Is Open
Open the damper before you light a fire. An open damper ensures that smoke does not fill inside the house. Smoke from the burning wood is very toxic and must not be inhaled by either kids or adults. This is why it is necessary to draw the smoke out of the house by opening the damper.

Children And Fire Require Complete Attention
Always make sure that you are not leaving children on their own around a fire. If you have started a fire in the fireplace, never leave it unattended. If left on its own, even a small fire can spread and burn things down. Children are fascinated with flames and want to touch it which leads to serious burns.

Install Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Burning of wood releases a huge amount of toxic carbon monoxide in the air. Inhaling excessive carbon monoxide can cause serious health issues in children as well as adults. This is why smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be installed and checked regularly for the safety of everyone.

Developing And Practicing A Fire Escape Plan
If you have a fireplace or not, you must always develop and practice a fire escape plan. In case of a fire emergency, a well-rehearsed fire escape plan can keep your loved ones safe. Children must be given proper training. They must be aware of the fire prevention measures which might help them in case of an unfortunate fire event.

Maintain Your Chimney
To avoid fire hazards, your chimney must be cleaned frequently. A clogged chimney can divert the smoke back into your home, making the environment toxic. Even if your chimney is not due for a cleaning, make sure to check it for blockage caused by animal nests and other reasons.

Fireplace Equipment And Accessories Should Be Kept Safely
Make sure children in your house cannot reach the fireplace equipment. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Store all fire-related accessories safely. Matches and lighters must not be within reach of your little ones. Keeping such dangerous items away from them will ensure their safety.

To know more safety tips, call Rusty’s Fireplace & Chimney. Our expert team is always ready to help.

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