Fireplace Trends For 2019

Last year was a comeback year for fireplaces. In 2018, we watched fireplaces making their way back into our homes, with designers putting extra emphasis on designs that are both functional and beautiful. The trend will continue this year, and with that, we are hoping to see more innovative and exciting designs coming to the forefront of interior design.

If you are planning to bring the warmth and comfort of a hearth into your home, or simply renovate an old fireplace, we have inspiring ideas for you! Read on to see what all you can do with your fireplace!

1) Room Divider
Using a fireplace as a room divider is a great idea, especially if you have a large common area. It helps you break up a large room and create intimate conversation areas, all the while keeping portions of the room together and all sides warm.

2) Rustic Stone Fireplace
When it comes to fireplaces, nothing is as impactful as a dramatic wall composed of one material, like marble or stone. The idea is inspired by traditional design principles where natural stones are incorporated into the design. Get creative and come up with your own stone fireplace ideas!

3) Minimal And Sleek
Want to make a statement without doing much? Then this fireplace idea is perfect for you! Go for minimalistic, sleek designs that will render the room with a timeless, sophisticated appeal. If you have an ornate fireplace, you can use this idea to tone down its effect to bring out a classy look.

4) Traditional Feels
This is for those people who appreciate the traditional look of a wood burning fireplace! You can opt for a gas-burning fireplace with realistic fiber logs to recreate the ambiance. By using modern technology and faux logs, you can enjoy fire like old times without having to deal with the mess.

5) Raised Hearth
The raised hearth can be seen as a modern approach to traditional fireplace designs. Such fireplaces are a perfect heating solution for those who have young children at home or are looking to save floor space by placing the furniture underneath it. Raised fireplaces are a little costly, but the charm they add to a room make them worth investing in.

6) Linear Design
This year, linear and contemporary gas fireplaces are going to be the talk of the town. You can install linear fireplaces that come in a variety of styles and can be easily accommodated into a range of interior design projects. Clean and modern, they can be the focal point of your modern home!

7) Corner Fireplaces
Since open floor plans have become popular among the folks, designers are now considering corner and multi-sided fireplaces as viable options to integrate a fireplace into large rooms. Corner gas fireplaces are perfect for open floor rooms, offering the added benefit of enjoying the fire from multiple angles.

8) Remote Controlled
Today, gas fireplaces are smarter than ever before. They come with programmable remotes and thermostats and let you maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. They also let you set your fireplace to turn off and on at specific times. With remote controlled fireplaces, you can keep your home warm and welcoming even in your absence!

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