October Is Fire Prevention Month

How do you prepare your home from fire hazards? Although fire accidents are unpredictable and can happen in any instance, there are a few measures that everyone can take to prevent their home from accidental house fires.

In the past few years, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of house fires due to fire safety awareness. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your loved ones safe from a fire crisis.

Keep Your Chimney Clean

Clean your chimney regularly to protect it from creosote buildups. Creosote or condense dust is known to catch fire easily. Hence, by inspecting your chimney and cleaning it, you can prevent your home from unexpected chimney fires.

Keep Your Fireplace In Good Working Order

Take extra care of your fireplace, especially during winter. Clean it properly and never leave a fire unattended. Once you finish using the fireplace, give the ashes ample time to cool before disposing of them. You can also install a metal fire screen to prevent errant sparks from escaping.

Keep The Faulty Wiring And Outlets In Check

Inspect your home regularly for faulty wiring. Check the electrical cords for signs of fraying and then replace those frayed wires with new ones. In addition, use surge protectors to protect your gadgets. Make sure to never cover any electrical cords with items such as rugs.

Be Careful In The Kitchen

Never leave a hot cooking surface unattended. If you need to leave the room during cooking, make sure that you have kept the pot holders, dish towels and other flammable objects away. Also, double check if you have turned off the stove before leaving.

Maintain Your Heating System

It is vital to have your home’s heating system checked. No matter what primary heating you have, an annual inspection by certified professionals is a must for every homeowner. Hire an HVAC specialist that can change the filters, do the repairs, and keep your heating system in good condition.

Take Care Of Your Electrical Appliances

Make sure that all of your electrical appliances are adequately maintained. If you have a dryer at home, take necessary precautions while using it. Clean the lint filter after each load and regularly check the vents.

Store Inflammables Properly

Keep combustible items like firewood, gasoline, oil, and perfume spray away from heating equipment. Also, make sure everything is at a safe distance from heat sources, such as the furnace, space heaters, fireplaces, and wood stoves.

Install Smoke Detectors At Home

Smoke alarms are a huge help in curbing fire breakouts. Install smoke detectors at different places in your home. Test the alarms’ batteries once a month to ensure that they are functioning properly. If the batteries are not working, replace them immediately.

Keep The Fire Extinguishers Handy

Keep fire extinguishers in key areas of your home like in the kitchen and near the bedrooms. Make sure that all the family members know about their location and how to use them properly.

Prepare And Practice A Fire Escape Plan

Discuss and prepare a fire escape strategy with your family. Practice it regularly to make sure that all the members have understood it well. Also, decide on a common meeting place where members can go in case a fire breaks out.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Keep this fact in mind and follow the tips mentioned above to avoid hazardous fire breakouts. If you need professional assistance with the maintenance and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney, our experts at Rusty’s Fireplace & Chimney would love to help! Contact us at 540-338-1266 today!

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