Is my Home Properly Insulated?

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities that can seem overwhelming at times. You may even feel like a young Sherlock Holmes snooping around your home looking for problems and how to solve them.

Your furnace, your pipes, or even your floorboards can all be prime suspects for potential issues for your home. However, if your utility bills seem a little high and you’re left scratching your head, have you thought about your home’s insulation?

When you think of this question, more questions seem to arise then solutions. However, you can tell if your home is properly insulated or under-insulated with these helpful tips:

How to Tell if Your House Is Well Insulated

Let’s start with the positive side of this case: how to tell if your house is well insulated. There are a few effective ways to do this, including these tests:

Touch Test

The touch test is what you think it is. On a cool day, go around and touch parts of your home. You’ll want to focus on areas such as the interior ceilings, walls, and floors. These areas should feel warm and dry. If they are not, this is a sign of poor insulation.

Comfort Test

Are some areas of your home nice and toasty when you turn the heat on while others feel drafty and cold? Your home’s return vents and ducts are essential to an even and comfortable environment because they ensure each room gets the perfect amount of air. However, insulation is also necessary for your home because, without it, the comfortable air will leak out of your home. Check your home to see if the comfort stays the same throughout. If the comfort remains the same, your insulation is in good shape.

Call a Pro

The easiest way to tell if your house is well insulated is to have an experienced insulation expert out to inspect your floors, ceilings, and walls. Insulation installation companies have access to expert equipment made for this job, and many of them will be happy to offer a free in-home inspection, either putting your mind at ease or giving you a subsequent estimate for what it would take to get your insulation up to snuff.

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