EG40 Gas Freestanding Stove


  • Includes Pedestal, Burner, Log Set, Painted Black Door, Brick Liner and Fan.
  • Gold Door Cover.
  • Brushed Nickel Door Cover.
  • Gold Trim (Set of 3).
  • DV Vent Kit with Coupler.


  • Heating Area   2,000 ft²
  • BTU’s   40,000
  • Efficiency   81.5%
  • Glass Size   291 in²
  • Dimensions   25” W x 29” H x 21” D


Right or left side load door

flexible installation

Oven style side load door

helps keep ashes in firebox

Top or rear flue exit

flexible installation

Single lever stove control

easy operation, consistent performance

Non-catalytic combustion system

clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up

Removable ash tray

easy to clean, easily accessible

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