Straight from the forge, this collection invokes memories of the hand craftsmanship of days gone bye. Each component of the screen is heated and hand forged to a unique finish. This distressed iron texture exudes a rustic charm and warmth unequaled by any other; a true heirloom quality product. Our Hand-Forged Collection is proudly crafted in the USA, and is available in Rectangle, Arch, Convex, and Triple Panel styles. Screens come standard with perforated mesh.


  • Main Frame: 3/16″ Forged Iron
  • Frame Width: 1.25″
  • Frame Design: Heated & Hand Forged
  • Special Features: Forged or Aged Iron Finish, Powder Coat and Premium Finishes
  • Special Handles: Forged
  • Mesh Panel: Woven Wire or Perforated Metal
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