The new Blacksmith Collection is rich with detail and depth. The design is enhanced with wrought iron embellishments in the style of the rustic craftsman equipped with forge, hammer, & anvil. Combine a timeless “old world” design with modern precision. Choose from a combination of 15 high-temp powder coat finishes to create your hand-crafted, custom, free standing screen. Accessories for the Blacksmith Collection include a log holder, tool sets, and wall hooks. Each piece meticulously crafted by the metalsmiths at Stoll.


  • Main Frame: 3/16″ Bar Iron
  • Frame Width: 2″
  • Frame Design: 1.25″ x 3/16″ Decorative Banding
  • Special Features: Blacksmith Rivets, Powder Coat and Premium Finishes
  • Special Handles: Old World
  • Mesh Panel: Woven Wire or Perforated Metal
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