In an industry saturated with ‘large-format’ fireplaces that in fact provide very little, inefficient heat, we welcome a breath of fresh air. Engineered to distribute effective, radiant warmth, the Valor Ventana combines distinct hearth designs with the latest in radiant heat technology.

The perfect blend of radiant and convective heat provides efficient, steady warmth for the largest of spaces. An impressive 60% turndown helps match the fire’s intensity to your home comfort needs.

Included on all Ventana units, adjustable firebox lighting enhances room ambience even when the fire is off. Recessed glass reduces reflection and eliminates the “aquarium effect” that you get with other gas fireplaces. A fireplace that mirrors presence with performance, we introduce the Ventana.


  • Programmable ValorStat Plus remote
  • Heats without electricity
  • Operates even during a power outage
  • Standard safety barrier screen
  • High quality ceramic glass window
  • Direct vent installation
  • Installs practically anywhere you want
  • Insert approved
  • Valor Wall Mount Switch
  • Heats without the need for a fan
  • Aluminized firebox and stainless steel burners
  • Realistic Logs & Liners
  • Modulating Flame
  • Extended Warranty Coverage

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The glass window dimensions of the L2 Series (1700) measure 46.375″w x 13″h for a total of 602.88 inches².

Model Gas Type Fuel Bed Style Input (BTU/HR) Output Max
High Low
1700JN NG Log/Glass 36,000 19,000 25,916
1700JP LPG Log/Glass 34,000 21,000 25,347
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