For well over a decade, the Horizon Series has expanded its line of diverse, energy efficient, heater-rated fireplaces. A vast collection of quality fronts, beautifully finished surrounds and radiant fire beds have fueled impressive product innovations and excelled performance in the field.

Compact in design, the Horizon engine features a range of installation opportunities in both top and rear vent applications. Made of thick gage aluminized steel and housing a performance enhancing heat exchanger, the Horizon fire box is build to last. Designs range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Clean fronts, traditional casting and handcrafted ceramic fire beds all promote the core principle of Valor – that quality matters.


  • Programmable ValorStat Plus remote
  • Heats without electricity
  • Operates even during a power outage
  • Standard safety barrier screen
  • High quality ceramic glass window
  • Direct vent installation
  • Installs practically anywhere you want
  • Insert approved
  • Modulating Flame
  • Heats without the need for a fan
  • Aluminized firebox and stainless steel burners
  • Realistic Logs & Liners
  • Extended Warranty Coverage

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The glass window dimensions of the Horizon Series (534) measure 26.5″w x 14.75″h for a total of 390.88 inches².

Model Gas Type Input (BTU/HR) Output Max
High Low
534JLN NG 24,000 6,500 17,506
534JLP LPG 24,000 13,000 17,506
534IRN NG 24,000 6,500 17,506
534IRP LPG 24,000 13,000 17,506
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